Screaming into the Void

Do you ever feel like you and your business are invisible? You have a great idea, you know just how you can help your clients and add value into their lives, but they’re just strolling on by and not noticing you, no matter how loudly you shout.

Visibility and Why It’s Important

In order to reach new customers, you need to be seen. Visibility is the key to maintaining and growing your business.

Yes, it can be hard to step up into the limelight. How many of us have fallen into the trap of hoping our branding and logo will do the work for us, and we can just carry on doing the things we enjoy (or battling through the million other small biz tasks that seem to take up all the time)?

But being visible in your business helps your clients-to-be to understand, straight away, who you are and what you (and your business) is all about. They can visualise themselves working with you, they get a feel for your core values and how you do business.

They understand that they need you and the magic you bring in their lives.

Are the Right People Seeing You?

If you are pulling out all the stops with your marketing, but still aren’t grabbing your ideal client’s attention, have you checked you’re popping up in the right places?

When we put ourselves out there on social media or in person, it saves a lot of time and hassle to do a bit of research first. Is this where your ideal client hangs out?

For example, if your clients are mostly women, you probably don’t want to join a male-dominated networking group. If your ideal clients are professional business women, then advertising in day-time yoga group probably won’t help much.

As business owners, we’re always short on time, and looking for the most effective way to get things done. Putting yourself in front of the right people will mean you don’t need to work quite so hard to be noticed!

Don’t Rely on Words Alone

Words are a powerful tool, very much needed in marketing yourself and your business, and educating your audience about what you do, explaining how you can help them and what they need to do to work with you.

Words can weave beautiful, captivating stories that will stay with your audience for a long time.

But the truth is, we live in a very visual, very fast-paced society. We’re all guilty of scrolling on past the words, but perhaps lingering a little longer over images.

In fact, it’s very often the photography that grabs your audience’s attention, giving them pause for thought, planting a seed in their minds. And once their curiosity has been piqued, they’ll want to find out more, and read your wonderful and inspiring words.

Visibility: much more than the same headshot on repeat

Are you relying on too few photos (perhaps just once decent headshot)? And do the photos you use tell a story?

When you’re caught up in running your business, it can sometimes be difficult to view your business from the outside, as your potential clients do.

Seeing the same few images, or just one headshot reused, doesn’t really help your audience to understand what you’re all about. The power and magic in photography is the story it can tell. Think about what visual clues and cues are you giving your audience that you are the right person for them.

Showing a good variety of images of you, in your business, telling the story of what you do really speaks to your ideal client. Something will click. They’ll “get it”.

On a Scale of 1 to 10, How Visible Are You?

Thinking about how often you show yourself as the face of your business, the variety of images you use, and where you’re appearing, how would you rate yourself for visibility?

Remember, we’re not just talking about social media here. It’s your emails to your mailing list, your website, networking groups, magazines and other publications, printed advertising, fliers, banners, even radio interviews or podcasts (which of course you’ll want to shout about…with a photo or two!).

How Brand Photography can help

It’s time to step out from behind the logo, branding and business name, and be seen as the fabulous business owner you are. You bring the magic, and without you your biz wouldn’t exist.

Brand photography is a fun and exciting way to market your business more effectively and be taken more seriously in what you do.

We work together to plan your brand photoshoot around the values and goals of you and your business to showcase you in the best way to grab the attention of your ideal client. You’ll receive a shoot plan so you’ll know exactly what needs to be done to prepare for your shoot, and I’m on hand to answer any questions.

On shoot day, I’ll lead you through the photoshoot. We’ll chat, laugh and have fun as we work – it’s a joyful experience! After the shoot you’ll receive your edited images and (if you book my comprehensive 3 hour shoot) everything you need to get up and running with those images straight away.

And if you’re working with a web developer to (re)build or refresh your website, I’ll be touching base with them too to make sure we have everything covered for your new site.

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I’m Adèle Williams, and I founded SuperFunkyPenguin Photography in 2015.

I specialise in taking natural photos that genuinely gives prospective clients a real feel for what it’s like to work with you, creating that initial connection.

We work together to plan and design your brand photoshoot to be as effective as possible. Your portfolio of images from the shoot will be carefully crafted to align to your brand values, and includes everything you need to help you easily craft social media content and refresh your website.

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