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At 7, my camera was far too big for me

Hi, I’m Adèle Williams, and when I was 7 when I got my first proper camera. Compared to the size of me, it was massive, but I loved it. It was back in the days of film (remember that?!), and I cost my parents a fortune in getting all the rolls developed. I loved the excitement of seeing what I’d managed to capture, and it helped me to see the world differently – spotting the details, the light, the movement and vibe.

But my route to becoming a professional photographer wasn’t a straight line. In fact, although I’d continue to take photos, and become known as “the one with the camera”, it would be another 30 years before I formally set up my business.

I won’t say my time as a customer-facing engineer working for a multinational company was wasted, but my creativity was definitely stifled. My spreadsheets were a glorious array of colours, my graphs could have been framed, and I’d disappear off into the sunshine, rain or wild weather whenever I could.

The catalyst for change came with the arrival of my eldest Wildling. I knew I couldn’t return to the crushing world of meetings-in-windowless-rooms. I needed to be free!

Finally I stumbled head-long into the career I was always supposed to have!

My first task when setting up my business (after attempting to draw a penguin) was to find out exactly how my camera worked, and how I could use it to capture my vision.

I have always approached life from an analytical and scientific point of view, which works very well with my strong creative side.

The adventures of life

My life has taken me on some pretty epic adventures, living abroad as well as backpacking, so I’m no stranger to going with the flow and making the most of what’s available (some handy techniques in business and photography).

I’m now settled in North Somerset – not far from Bristol – with my family. My two Wildlings love nothing more than to explore the great outdoors, especially if it involves copious amounts of mud and a certain degree of foraging for wild food. The adventures of life continue!

Behind the lens

I love to showcase the people I meet and the places I visit in a very genuine way. Awkward poses and chocolate-box images are not my jam. My style is very natural, and I use my own techniques to get the absolute best out of my subjects in a way that really shows what they’re all about.

Being behind the lens has taken me to some interesting places, and I’ve met and worked with some truly fascinating people. I love the work I do, supporting other small businesses to level up and show the world what they do, and I value the variety and excitement it brings into my life, too.

Tell your story through natural, authentic visuals

I’m Adèle Williams, a bright and passionate personal brand photography specialist based in North Somerset, not far from Bristol.

I set up SuperFunkyPenguin Photography in 2015, which later evolved to SuperFunkyPenguin Photo + Video. I help business owners showcase the magic they bring to their clients’ lives through my story-telling photos and videos:  authentically, sincerely and with joy. 

Story-Telling Photos & Videos

Your photos and videos should tell your story. They need to capture a little bit of your personality and what you’re all about in a natural and authentic way. Choose from the options below to find out how I can help you.

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Ali Walsh

What a brilliant service Adele provides! Communicated excellently from the start, went above and beyond to deliver exceptional service. I couldn't recommend her highly enough.

Portrait of Brand Photography Specialist Adèle Williams (Photographer) from SuperFunkyPenguin. Adèle is on the phone and has a laptop and camera with her.

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