The Value of Expert Help

I’ve lost count of the number of times I thought I was more than capable of doing something myself, only to discover it was a bit trickier than I’d assumed.

When I Called In the Experts

Drawing my logo was one…the current incarnation of The Penguin was expertly designed by Lucie at Paper Aeroplane Creative last year, and she did a brilliant job where I had failed miserably. Lucie also got me sorted out with all my branding – colours, fonts, styles, and generally made my life easier because I now have a visual framework to work with all my posts, emails and printed material.

More recently, I spent the morning with personal shopper and stylist Becky Barnes, as we explored and rummaged through second hand and vintage shops on Gloucester road.

You’d think that after 41 years I’d be able to shop for clothes and pick outfits for myself. The trouble is, my life has changed so much with two kids and a big career change all happening in the last 9 years. Both the mental and physical shifts that have happened in that time has left me unsure of what my style is, and what suits me.

Plus, I really don’t like clothes shopping!

The experience with Becky was fab – she led me out of my comfort zone to some brilliant outfits I’d have never considered, and I got help, hints and tips along the way that I can use during future shopping expeditions.

Why Experts Save Us Time

Both Lucie and Becky saved me time, stress and money by tapping into their own individual Zones of Genius. We all have that zone of genius, where we’re in flow as we work through what we do. As a business owner, yours will be what the core of your business is all about.

We’ve all done it, haven’t we? Struggled and struggled, as if fighting to swim upstream to achieve something that someone else finds easy. I agonised for days trying to draw a penguin – time which would have been better spent in my own zone of genius. Ditto all the failed shopping trips I’ve had in the past.

How can my Zone of Genius help you?

As a certified and experienced brand photography expert, I can help you capture the story of you, your business, your values and who your clients are: Simply, effectively, with eye-catching photography.

You’ll end up with a bank of professional on-brand story-telling images designed to resonate with your ideal client, at your fingertips.

No more stress and hassle trying to find the right photo to use.

No more struggling to be visible in your business.

No more worrying about trying to capture decent-enough selfies on your own.

Instead you’ll have your professional images, and everything you need to get up and running with them straight away.

You can relax.

Then crack on in your own Zone of Genius!

Interested to know more?

I’m Adèle Williams, and I founded SuperFunkyPenguin Photography in 2015.

I specialise in taking natural photos that genuinely gives prospective clients a real feel for what it’s like to work with you, creating that initial connection.

We work together to plan and design your brand photoshoot to be as effective as possible. Your portfolio of images from the shoot will be carefully crafted to align to your brand values, and includes everything you need to help you easily craft social media content and refresh your website.

Curious to know more?  Book a cuppa-and-chat by clicking here!

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