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Business photography to suit you

Welcome to SuperFunkyPenguin Photo + Video, your one-stop solution for professional business photography. Founder Adèle Williams specialises in creating story-telling photos and videos that showcase who you are and what you do, helping you market your business effectively.  Here are some of the ways I can create a bespoke set of natural, story-telling images (pinging with the vibe of your brand) for you. 

Brand Photography

Ready to take your business to the next level? Then presenting yourself in the most professional way is essential. Different options are available, from mini brand shoots to 3 hour or fully bespoke sessions.

A bank of on-brand story-telling images, captured by an experienced brand photography specialist, will do the hard work for you.

Website Photography

Creating the exact photos you need, meeting the technical needs as well as telling the story of your business.  Whether you’re a sole trader or a larger company, this service is tailored to create the photography your business and specific website needs.

Videography for websites

Sometimes you need more than just still photography, and that’s where videography comes into its own. Whether you need a short clip as a moving header for your website, or a detailed showreel with interviews and voiceover, I can provide a range of services to help you. 

Business photography involves taking pictures for commercial use. These can be used in advertisements, merchandising, product placement and of course online for your website and social media.  Whatever your marketing aims,  Adele Williams' photography at SuperFunkyPenguin provides high-end business photography services tailored to your company's needs.


Corporate photography is about capturing images that represent a company's operations, products, services, staff, and culture. These images can be used in various corporate communications materials, company website, social media marketing and beyond.

However, for many years corporate photography has revolved around a collection of stiff-looking headshots, and some stock or stock-like photos, often encountered on the websites of bigger businesses and emulated by smaller ones.

However, using this kind of photography does nothing to bring your company to life for your potential clients.  

In today's fast-paced, highly visual world, we've come to realise just how important stories are, and how it's the people behind the brands, logos and buildings that bring businesses to life.

Story-telling corporate photography is professional and on brand, but showcases what it's like to work with your business, to be your client or customer.  It shows (rather than tells) how you provide your services, with some hints to the work that goes on behind the scenes, whether it's a lunchtime game of ping-pong or a monthly team hike across the hills.

Corporate photography is powerful not only for building know-like-and-trust with your potential clients, but also for attracting bright and engaged future employees.

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Photography is crucial for businesses as it helps in marketing and selling products or services by bringing what you do to life for your potential clients and customers. Good quality photos enhance the perceived value of the product and trust in your company and brand as a whole.

Find out more about why photography is so important for your business.

Put simply, people buy from people, and professional photography brings your business to life for your potential clients.  Business photography can help your business by enhancing your online presence, improving your brand image, and increasing customer engagement by showcasing you as the expert you are, and building know-like-and-trust. 

Potential clients can easily visualise what it would be like to work with your company, and illustrate how how your products or services are just what they need in their lives right now. 

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Yes, with a technical background in the aerospace industry, photographer Adèle Williams brings not only her creative side, but also her logical and analytical approach to photoshoots.  Your website photoshoot planning session will cover everything you need - on a visual and technical level for your company website.  Adèle works alongside your graphic designer and web developer to ensure that your story-telling images area on brand, specific to the pages and spaces you have on your website (so no more stress trying to find a photo that will fit that awkward long, narrow header slot at the top of each page).  Adèle has a solid understanding of what is needed in terms of website photography and has worked with web developers for different companies to deliver exactly what's needed. 

All businesses can benefit from brand and business photography!  

Photographer Adèle Williams has worked with coaches, financial planners, graphic designers, accountants, architects, building contractors, cafes, artists, public speakers, theatre schools and more to bring their businesses to life by providing eye-catching story-telling images that are so vital for marketing and websites. 

Whether your business is a single-person enterprise or an established SMEs you can benefit from SuperFunkyPenguin's photography services.

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Put simply, a corporate event photographer captures photos at company events. These images are mostly captured in-the-moment, showing the story and the vibe of the event.  Experienced event photographers know how to spot and capture those small, brief moments that encapsulate the atmosphere and buzz at your event.

These photos can be used for promotional purposes, in newsletters, or for internal company use, and are a great addition to a more formal bank of corporate photos.

A professional event photographer will have the right kit to photograph in low light venues, and the experience to know how to capture the right shots to tell your story. 

Adèle has been photographing events for a wide variety of clients since 2015, and brings that experience to all her photography work.

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I work alongside your existing web development teams, graphic designers, marketing teams and PR experts to ensure the photos I capture are exactly what your business needs. 

Together we delve into the core values of your business and brand, discuss where the photos will be used (eg website, social media, printed marketing, company emails), and what stories your photos need to tell.

I work with businesses in the UK and beyond.  SuperFunkyPenguin is based in North Somerset, and the majority of my clients are based in the Bristol, North Somerset, and surrounding areas.

The first step is to arrange a chat with Adèle to talk through what you need and how she can help.

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Portrait of Brand Photography Specialist Adèle Williams (Photographer) from SuperFunkyPenguin. Adèle is on the phone and has a laptop and camera with her.

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