Here at SuperFunkyPenguin Photography I take my environmental and social responsibilities seriously.  I aspire to leave the world a better place that I found it.

Our key areas of focus are:


       – Minimising waste and eradicating single-use plastic

       – Reducing our carbon footprint


       – Supporting local businesses

       – Giving back to our community

What are we doing already?
  • Buying goods from small local retailers whenever possible
  • Working with UK-based suppliers for prints, framing, brochures
  • Limiting brochure size to two sides of A4
  • Using a digital business card, rather than printed cards
  • Online invoicing, contracts and model release forms to reduce paper
  • Working with European-based supplier for our photo albums (currently our nearest supplier of superior quality albums)
  • Ensuring durability and longevity of prints and albums to reduce the need for reprints
  • Use of recyclable packaging for delivery of goods to clients (plastic is only used if it’s been provided by the supplier and is required to protect the goods)
  • Small print runs of brochures
  • Employing other small UK businesses and sole traders
  • Charging equipment batteries only when required (not leaving them permanently on charge)
  • Using rechargeable batteries rather than disposable for flash and other portable lighting equipment
  • Repurposing used paper and packaging for crafting with my children
  • Supporting local causes each year, with a percentage of work donated for free
  • Conduct client meetings, planning sessions and follow-up meetings online rather than in person 
What we are aspiring to change in the next 3 - 6 months: 
  • Switching to a hybrid car
  • Discussing potential to install solar panels, batteries, and heat pump with landlord
  • Progress Net Zero and Carbon Offsetting plans 
Our longer-terms goals:
  • Provide a percentage of profits to supporting UK green charities
  • Establish a mini apprenticeship scheme, and provide work experience opportunities and mentorship.

Although we’re a small business we can all do our part, and all make a difference. We hope that other small businesses will join us in the move towards sustainability. The responsibility lies with us all.

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