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Professional Development: It’s not just for corporate ladder-climbers

It took me a long time after setting up my own business to realise that continued professional development is for everyone in business, not just those in the dull, grey, buzz-wordy corporate world I’d come from.

Still, I realised that no one wants to be stuck in one place, and without continuing to work on improving our skills, the world would soon overtake us. And as small business owners, that would be a bit of a disaster.

We need to stay current and flexible, improving and enhancing our products and services as we continue our professional development.

There is a difference!

Corporate world enforced “development opportunities” seemed to be about the dullest training courses in areas that were not my zone of genius.

As it turns out, PD can be fun, exhilarating and hugely motivating when you run your own business.

Since I established SuperFunkyPenguin Photography in 2015, I’ve done loads of training courses and practical exercises to improve my photography skills, and several courses to help with the business-skills side too.

One of the best courses I did was my Brand Photography Specialist training in early 2021 with a brilliant lady called Gill, who’s now my mentor.

The Best Prize

In May last year I won a competition to spend three days working 1-to-1 with Gill at her home in Spain, and over half term I was finally able to claim my prize.

And WOW what a brilliant experience it was! A world away from the Professional Development in the engineering world I left behind 8 years ago.

As well as being an expert in marketing and brand photography, Gill is fantastic at striking the balance between hard work and fun. We worked hard, but we had fun doing it – and there was plenty of downtime for headspace and the odd cocktail in the sun (neither of which I normally have any chance to enjoy).

I’ve returned refreshed, re-energised and re-motivated in my business!

Getting in the Experts

Running a business is a steep learning curve, and I’ve discovered the value in working with the experts. It took me a while to get my finances to a position where I could invest properly in me and my business – and even then it felt like a leap, but it’s been worth every penny.

Are you Ready?

Are you ready to show the world you’re the professional you are? To stand up, be seen and tell your story, in a visual, eye-catching way? Then get in touch and let’s chat about how a brand photoshoot with a brand photography specialist can help you!

I’m Adèle Williams, and I founded SuperFunkyPenguin Photography in 2015.

I specialise in taking natural photos that genuinely gives prospective clients a real feel for what it’s like to work with you, creating that initial connection.

We work together to plan and design your brand photoshoot to be as effective as possible. Your portfolio of images from the shoot will be carefully crafted to align to your brand values, and includes everything you need to help you easily craft social media content and refresh your website.

Curious to know more?  Book a cuppa-and-chat by clicking here!

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