Life Changes and Bundles of Fluff


It seems that we move through each day, all seemingly more or less the same. 

And then something happens. Life changes. Time moves on.

You may have noticed recently that although the SuperFunkyPenguin work has continued, there hasn’t been so much posted on social media, I haven’t written many blog posts, and the Weekly Challenges haven’t been happening.

I promised to write about the reasons behind this, so here it is. Throughout all of this, I’ve remained loyal to my clients, and kept up with the photoshoots and editing.  But the “putting myself out there” part of the job has definitely taken a hit.

Earlier this year, our wonderful, elderly, empathetic, unassuming and very special Sneaky Cat became increasingly unwell. She’d had a number of issues for a while, but for about 6 months it was illness after illness, and finally she just couldn’t keep fighting, and we had to say goodbye to her.

Throughout the extra care she needed this year, and once she’d gone, the household was in a state of upheaval, and of course Little Whirlwind was incredibly upset.

A photo which means the world to me – despite it’s graininess and slight blurryness. Little Whirlwind as a newborn, with Sneaky Cat:


It’s all very natural: Sneaky had been around for his whole life, and I don’t think I’d realised how much they meant to each other. All the times I’d walked in to find them quietly sitting on the sofa together, or found him showing her a brochure about bird seed and pointing to the different birds pictured. She did seem rather interested in that particular conversation.

Three months down the line, on a particularly bad day with LW, I suggested we go to the animal sanctuary just to look at and chat to a few cats. 

And there, through a few random turns of events, we met what were to become our new bundles of fluff. A plucky little brother and sister, each with far too many toes.



Right from the outset, they weren’t phased by Flynn.  Fascinated, yes. Scared, no. Despite (or perhaps because) of the banging, crashing, and launching himself off the furniture, they seem to think he’s another kitten.

So, in between cleaning kitten poo off the carpet and refilling the very-rapidly-emptied food bowls every 3 minutes (at least that’s what it feels like), as well as preparing LW for the onset of School in September, and helping to settle my mother-in-law into the village (she moved up from Devon last month), I’m still staying on top of the photoshoots, but setting aside the “extras”. 

The last few months, however, have made me especially glad – for all the photos I took of Sneaky, no that era has ended, and for all the photos I took of LW with his Nana in Devon, now that too has come to a close. And I’ve already begun to capture our new “Normal”, with crazy kittens, and LW’s Nana’s new chapter in North Somerset.  

Life changes so fast.

Let me help you capture your memories today. Drop me a line to discuss what you need. 

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