Four computer screens showing images from Tamsin Acheson Business Coach's Brand Photoshoot Bristol North Somerset by Adèle Williams SuperFunkyPenguin

Tamsin Acheson

Tammy is a business leadership and development coach, and was going through the process of updating her service offerings, and refining her business model.  As a result she was in need of fresh images for her social media marketing and website, so we set about planning her brand shoot.

The Shoot

As Tammy had experience working with other photographers in the past, she had a good idea of what she needed from her shoot, and we planned the shoot together to make sure we had everything covered.

Tammy mostly works remotely with her clients, and doesn’t have a fixed office space.  We decided the best location for Tammy’s shoot was my flexi space studio, the local village cafe and park.  This gave us plenty of variety with the final images. 

I was recently fortunate enough to experience working with Adele on updating my business brand photos.

I booked her 3-hour brand shoot as I needed new photos for both my website and social media presence to showcase how my business has evolved.

It was the third time I had worked with a photographer during my business journey and was by far the most professional and enjoyable experience.

From the onset Adele sent me all I needed to work with her to get the exact look and feel I want to create to represent my business. Her preparation work was thorough and when I got stuck she was always on hand to help me see what I was trying to achieve getting me past the fear hurdles I was putting in my own way to ensure we had a shoot plan that was deliverable and ticked all of the visual content boxes I needed so that the photos captured had a specific practical use.

This foundational work set the tone for the day and helped to build my confidence in terms of knowing that I was going to get a valuable return on my investment.

The day of the shoot was well organised and so much more enjoyable than I could have imagined. Adele made me feel so comfortable and guided the shoot in a gentle yet process driven day to ensure that we got the most out of the time we spent together.

I am by no means a lover of cameras and I hate being the centre of attention so I was immensely grateful for her ability to make it all feel so effortless and natural.

I came away from the day feeling amazing about what we had achieved and very much looking forward to seeing the results. The photos she took were phenomenal, I have no idea how and when she got the shots she did, she is incredibly talented. I was thrilled with the outcome and whereas in the past I have come away with only one or two photos I felt comfortable using, the opposite was the case this time.

I now have an extensive portfolio of images to choose from and although I have not yet fully updated my brand images on my website I am very much looking forward to sharing her work with the world! I feel strangely more confident in my business based on the stories she was able to tell through the images she took and the authentic impression of my business her photos convey. Additionally she provided me with some incredible marketing assets, including reels and social media post templates. She really is just a little bit magic, whilst being an absolute pleasure to work with, I can’t thank her enough and I highly recommend her services to anyone looking to upgrade their brand through their visual imagery. Thanks Adele!

– Tamsin Acheson, Business Leadership & Development Coach

Portrait of Tamsin Acheson Leadership and Business Coach from her Brand shoot with Adèle Williams, SuperFunkyPenguin. Tamsin is wearing a black jacket over a red top, she's reaching out and touching a tree, and beaming with joy.
A selection of vibrant story-telling photos showcasing Tamsin Acheson Business Coach from her Brand Shoot with Adèle Williams SuperFunkyPenguin near Bristol. Images include headshots, action shots and details.

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