Selection of images from Sue Naughton-Marsh's brand photoshoot in Bristol with Adèle Williams, SuperFunkyPenguin Photo + Video for Sue's new website. Images show a range of overview shots of sue at work and detail shots.

Sue Naughton-Marsh

Sue is an organisational development specialist, psychotherapist and NLP Business coach, helping leaders and individuals to use the very best tools and techniques to accelerate performance and develop leadership excellence.  Sue was having a new website created for her business, and hired me for a full brand photoshoot.

The Shoot

Sue runs workshops and has a podcast – both of which Sue was keen to showcase in her brand photoshoot.  The photoshoot was split into two halves, with the first being a workshop in a hired venue and the second being at Sue’s home.  

The workshop was real event (albeit a cut-down version of Sue’s normal offering), involving past clients and friends.  This way, Sue could really get in flow: presenting, facilitating and helping people as she normally would.  I recommend this way of showcasing workshops because it leads to a very natural and dynamic set of photos.

We moved on to Sue’s home, and used several locations around her house, including her home recording studio and garden. It was important that Sue’s images were fully aligned with the core values of Sue’s business and we designed a variety of shots that highlight the calm and focus that comes from working with Sue.

I worked closely with Sue’s graphic designer, Kayleigh Lloyd of Lloyd Creative, to make sure the images perfectly aligned with Sue’s brand.  Kayleigh was present for the workshop part of the shoot, too, and it was great to have her input!

Sue was absolutely lovely to work with and her photoshoot was packed full of light and positive energy.

“I was looking for some professional photography as part of my business re brand.  Adele was introduced to me and I’m so glad I went ahead.

“From the moment we agreed to work together, I was taken through steps that really made me think about how I was going to use all my images to ensure I got the best out of them across the different media.

“Adèle is super friendly, approachable and has a great eye in bringing brands to life.

“Can’t recommend her more highly.” – Sue Naughton-Marsh

Selection of teaser images from Sue Naughton-Marsh's brand photoshoot in Bristol, with Adèle Williams, SuperFunkyPenguin Photo + Video. Images show a range of images of Sue in action working with clients and running workshops, as well as detail shots.

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