Ruth Bradford
The Little Black & White Book Project

Ruth is the founder, owner and creator of The Little Black and White Book Project.  Her mission is to inspire the next generation of animal lovers and conservationists from an early age through her beautiful black & white wildlife book range.  Ruth’s eye catching quirky-but-accurate illustrations are beautiful, and really capture the attention and imagination of little ones – as I discovered during Ruth’s brand photoshoot!

The Shoot

Ruth is no stranger to capturing images of her products for her online shop, but was very much in need of action-shots – photos showing her beautiful books and flashcards being enjoyed in a very natural way by toddlers and babies.  This included all the man-handling and chewing that goes on!

WIth the help of her daughter, and a few friends with little ones, I captured the images Ruth needed to really bring her brand to life.  I also took photos of Ruth in action, designing and illustrating animals, and exploring garden creatures with her family. 

This was a really fun shoot, and I was stunned by just how long Ruth’s books and flash cards held the attention of our little models, and how much fun our model mum-and-daughter were having interacting over the books.

“Oh Adele I’m welling up! Literally. They are FABULOUS! Oh why have I left it so long to work with you? Ha ha. Cannot wait to see the rest, if they’re as good as these I’m going to be absolutely spoiled for choice. 

“Thank you so much for all of your hard work yesterday and with what goes into the editing process. 

“Over the moon ❤️ X ” – Ruth Bradford

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The Snapshot
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