Faye Dicker, Voiceover Artist

Faye has been in broadcasting since she was a child and is an experienced voiceover artist with her own home studio.  She has a wide range of broadcast, commercial and corporate  experience.

Faye is also a public speaker, event host and radio presenter, having worked for both the BBC and commercial radio stations across the West Country.

The Shoot

Faye is well known as the founder of Freelance Mum, a wonderful and supportive networking group, and haw many photographs of herself in this role.

But did you know Faye’s main freelance work is as a Voiceover Artist?  Faye was keen to get an updated set of images showcasing her in her voiceover role, so booked me for a mini brand photoshoot at one of her favourite places: The Lido in Clifton.  We planned her shoot in advance to cover the different aspects of her job.  Faye wanted her shoot to be bright, vibrant and fun to match her personality! 

I used the brief from Faye’s graphic designer, Paper Aeroplane Creative, so that the colours and style matched her branding.  I also worked alongside Faye’s personal stylist Becky Barnes, to make sure we had everything on point with all the details Becky had picked out for Faye.

This was such a fun shoot to work on!

I’ve been working with Adele Williams for several years now, capturing Freelance Mum networking events – her style is amazing! She manages to capture the energy of the day, which frames the memories so well and become the images that we recall when it comes to the Freelance Mum story. I can’t thank her enough. When it came to having photos taken for my own personal branding and portfolio, her work was second to none! Yet again she captured the essence and personality of what I wanted to achieve in a fun and professional manner. Plus she came up with some brilliant ideas, I would never have thought of – see if you can find the ‘Mary Poppins’ photo, such fun! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend working with Adele, she is thoughtful, has attention to detail (to say the least) and captures the mood and moment of the day so well. I love working with her.” – Faye Dicker

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The Snapshot
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