Charlie McCall, Physiotherapist and Coach

Bristol-based Charlie had reached an exciting juncture in her small business, and was just completing her training to become a coach.  Realising she needed to update her bank of photos to reflect the new direction her business was heading, she reached out and booked a full brand photoshoot.  

The Shoot

Having previously had a photoshoot with another photographer, Charlie was keen to capture different aspects of her personality and passions this time.

Charlie called in a fellow freelancer friend to be her model client and we had a wonderful time capturing images at Charlie’s home and at a local woodland.  The shoot was packed full of creativity and fun, with lots of laughs along the way.

“I have admired Adèle’s style of photography for a while. Her photos are fun and really showcase the individual. The chance came up to get some brand photography done with Adèle and I’m so glad I did.

“Adèle is hugely talented, really caring and supportive throughout the whole process and absolutely listens to what you want and any concerns you have. Adèle supported me through the thinking process with a brand workbook and regular emails/messages, which really helped me focus my attention on what I wanted to portray in the photos.

“This help was invaluable and ensured I had prepared myself and my thoughts to get the best out of the time with her. The photo shoot was such a lot of fun and totally relaxed. There was a lot of laughing and Adèle was able to move seamlessly between indoor and outdoor locations.

“I’m blown away with the portfolio of photos Adèle captured! She is absolutely amazing and hugely talented! Thank you Adèle!” – Charlie McCall

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The Snapshot
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