What’s all this “Brand Photography” malarkey anyway?

You may have heard the buzz words “brand photography” banded around, but aren’t really sure what it means… and I’m guessing you’re here because you’re a little bit curious and want to find out more.

Well, firstly, let’s just be sure we know what a brand is…

We are all familiar with Kelloggs, Heinz and Pepsi, they’re big brands.  But they are for small businesses, micro-businesses, sole traders and freelancers too.  Identifying and establishing your brand is a way to connect and start to build a trusted relationship with your ideal clients.

It is the way a product, company or an individual is perceived, it is much more than a logo, name, or strap-line.  It’s the familiar feeling that these resources elicit and an effective brand truly resonates with its ideal client.

Audiences build trust with a brand (think about your own spending habits!), and remember, that it can be a person or a small business.

Ok, great… so, what is Brand Photography?

Put simply, brand photography provides you with a bespoke portfolio of professional images that showcase you and your brand and are aligned with your brand values.

Why is this even useful?!

Well, the photos are a great resource to help you generate social media and website content, as they are specifically designed for marketing use and include images of you, your team, your products or services, your processes, your life, and all those important little details that tell the story of your brand.

Is that important??!

Absolutely! This bespoke bank of photographs enables you, as a business owner, to grow brand awareness, stand out from the competition, attract more clients and make more sales!

Know – Like – Trust

Have you heard the quote “People do business with people they know, like and trust”?

One of the biggest challenges for small businesses is to build that know-like-trust relationship, especially when many of our initial interactions with potential clients are online.  You can’t just buy them a coffee and have a good natter to get to know each other.

It is so much easier to make that connection with your audience if you can show them who you are, what you do and what your story is, in a cohesive and consistent way. Yup, that’s right, being “on brand” in everything you put out into the world. (I’m full of those buzz words today!!).

By drawing on your portfolio of on-brand photos, you increase your visibility, awareness and presence both online and offline.  Your audience starts to feel like they know you, they get what you’re about, and when that happens, they’re more likely to become paying clients.  You’re also more likely to grab the attention of collaborators and investors, helping your business to grow and flourish.

Of course, the extra added bonus of having a bank of bespoke photos is that creating online content shifts from being a drag and struggle to being a cinch.  You’ve already put in the work to identify your brand and values, and your beautiful images wonderfully illustrate your story.  Job done.

Don’t underestimate the power of the visuals!!

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