SAY CHEESE (Or, “GAH! I hate what I look like in photos!!!”)


Does this ring true for you too?

I often joke that the reason I’m a photographer is because I feel much more comfortable behind the lens than in front of it!

Everyone feels self-conscious about what they look like at some point or other in their lives, and there just seems to be so much pressure on mums to look fabulous 100% of the time.  And then we see the photos our friends and family take of us and… uh.  Is that really going to go on Facebook?!  Do I really look like that?? 

The result is we shy away from having our photo taken, and the sad fact is our children will have precious few photos of their mummy as they grow up.

And the truth is, no you don’t really look like that! 

The photos that people closest to us tend to take are usually preceded by the words “SAY CHEESE”.

Here’s a hint: no-one looks good saying ‘cheese’. They probably also haven’t taken their time to have a look at the situation, the background and the lighting – they just do a quick point and snap to get it out of the way.

And as for posing… well, there’s a reason that models earn money, and it’s not the size of their waists. It’s because they know how to pose. It’s a skill. And it’s great for showing off clothing ranges, hair styles, makeup or jewellery. It’s not so great for giving us a little insight into the model’s personality, though. 

Ok, so I want photos of me with my children.  What’s the answer?

Here are a few things I’ve noticed:

(1) Very few people feel confident standing in front of a camera lens, and that’s because it’s not a very natural thing to do

(2) The reason you don’t actually look like you seem to in a lot of photos is because we’re all moving, animated, real people doing stuff. All the time.  If you make someone stand still and try to pose, you end up with an awkward, wooden and unflattering photo, which doesn’t really show who they are

BUT if you capture the warm moments when mum is laughing with her little girl or dad is holding his sleepy son, that’s when you end up with great photos that really show some of the story that is you and your family. 

And that’s what I do. I stand back, observe, let you just get on with being you. I check the light, the background, the best angles, and I unobtrusively capture a little part of your story.

No, you probably won’t look like a model. You’ll look loads better, because you will look like you, being you, doing the things you love doing. 

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