A Mother’s Day Wish

One day, your child will be looking for photos of you. What will they find?

It is sadly the norm for mums to avoid the camera – whether it’s because we’re too busy basically organising the general comings-and-goings of the family (if we don’t do it, who will, right?!), or because we’re not really all that comfortable with how we look generally, in the post-children, mad dash of every day life.  Or perhaps it’s a combination of the two. 

We’re often very good at taking lots of snaps of everyone else in our family, but we’re missing from those photos. 

I know I’m as guilty as the next mum for this.  I love the family photo I took on Clevedon Pier a few years ago, but every time my little boy looks at it, he asks where Mummy is, and my heart breaks a little bit.

It’s important to remind ourselves that we’re our own biggest critics. That our children love us for who we are, and they don’t see the “imperfections” we see in ourselves. The photos we take now – WITH our children, not just of them – are the very precious memories of the future.  

Sometimes we do try to be in the photos, then we hit these common problems which leads to more camera-avoidance: 

  • Arm’s length selfies with your family: You’re never going to see yourself in the best light. (And those filters are not helping you…at all!). 
  • The Pressure: Over-posing and the dreaded False Smile (“SAY CHEEEEEEESE”)
  • Children taking photos: Photos from below are flattering for no-one.  Honestly.

Or perhaps you fall into the category where your partner isn’t in the habit of taking photos (or when they do, you wish they hadn’t!!). 

All of these issues can be overcome with a special Family Photoshoot, where you get to have fun and relax with your family.  You don’t need to over-stretch your arms to try to get the best angle, and there’s definitely no saying cheeeeeeese. 

My photoshoots are relaxed and fun. Rather than posing I use prompting strategies: you may be asked to play a simple game as a family or do something a bit silly, and your kids get to be involved in the process too. The aim here isn’t to capture you looking like a bit of a numpty, but to let go a bit, and get those wonderful photos of reactions and interactions – the kind of thing you won’t get by standing rigidly and baring your teeth in the traditional CHEEEESE pose. 

I wish you a happy Mother’s Day filled with fun and laughter – and maybe a photo or two!

Please get in touch for a chat about how I can help you capture your special family moments

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