Taking the fear out of Engagement Photoshoots

Does the thought of someone pointing a camera at you make your muscles tense before you break into a cold sweat? Then take a deep breath and read on…

Ok, so you might not be afraid as such. Maybe just deeply uncomfortable at the thought of someone following you around with a camera and snapping photos.

It’s ok, I get it… I feel the same!!

You may have accepted that this will happen on your wedding day (when there will be loads of other distractions, so won’t be so bad anyway), but why, WHY, would you subject yourself to this at any other time?

Well, it’s precisely because of those feelings that I’d recommend an engagement photoshoot.



Of course, some people choose to have an engagement shoot because they want to capture the romance of the occasion. And this is a lovely thing to do – a wonderful memory of that time before tying the knot.

But the reason I love doing these kind of photoshoots is that it gives you a chance to get to know your photographer a little bit. You get to see them at work, and you start to understand a little of what’s needed from you too (which takes a huge amount of pressure off for the big day itself!).

Engagement photoshoots with me last around 30-45 minutes, so really aren’t that painful at all. I offer some direction (more so than any other kind of photoshoot I do), but mostly we walk, chat, laugh, relax… oh, and I take some photos too.

All this helps you to start to feel more comfortable with a camera pointed at you. And it really does work!

We can do traditionally romantic photos if you like, or you can bring a bit more of who you are into the photos, and go utterly off-script. You never know, you might even get to have some fun! 

As well as having fun and getting used to the camera, you also end up with some awesome photos of the two of you, before the craziness of your wedding day 😝

Some of my wedding packages include a free Engagement Photoshoot.

If you’d like to have a chat or find out more, you can contact me here


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