Challenge #40: Reality

For my slightly squinty, very Little Whirlwinded FB Live intro video, Click Here!  (We were in SOMERSET, not Devon.  I got confused. Blame lack of sleep 😂)

The thing we all do is share photos that paint The Very Best of ourselves and of the experiences we’re having.

Here’s a good example. It’s not posed, Little Whirlwind just turned to me and smiled, but it’s a classic “Happy Moment” shot.

There are plenty of reasons for doing it, and I’m not saying it’s a bad thing to do (it cheers me up to see my Facebook Timeline full of the smiling, happy photos of my friends).

But I decided I wanted to challenge this trend. I wanted to take the opportunity of our First Camping Trip as a family to try to show the reality of what we were experiencing. 


Now, I will caveat this post with the statement that we actually did have an awesome time. Yes, there were amazing bits. Yes, there were crappy bits. But over all, as a first time camping together it certainly had a healthy dose of fab experiences.

That said, real life is made up of those fab experiences AND the normal bits in between.  And that’s what I wanted to show.

Challenge #40 was all about capturing the reality of our first time camping together as a family.

Techie Details:
Camera: Canon 5D Mk III
Lens: 50mm f1.4

Being outdoors all the time, and having so much to adventure and explore can be really tiring! 

When I look at the photos here, by contrast to what we’re used to seeing, everyone looks almost sad. Don’t worry – they weren’t (for the most part). This is just normal life… with normal faces. 

I’ve deliberately focussed on the coffee cup, rather than Long Suffering Husbands eyes in this photo. I think the overall photo emphasises just how much that coffee was needed. (He gets more into focus the more caffeine he consumes…)

This was a surprisingly difficult challenge for me. I WANT to post the lovely, photogenic, smily photos. The Chocolate-Boxy moments. But I feel that this selection of photos tells more of a story than First Pony Ride, First Fossil Hunting Experience, Steam Train Ride, Castle Exploration and all the other big moments.

These photos speak more the to day-to-day reality. Forging Friendships. Preparing food. Just getting on with life, but in a different context.

Forging New Friendships

I could have taken any of these photos in a different way, to paint a different version of our story. I could have chosen angles so the other tents and caravans weren’t in shot, to make it look like we had loads of peace and quiet. I could have chosen the photos where everyone’s smiling. I could have left out the extra detritus around the plum wine in the photo at the top of this post. But I didn’t, and I feel I have a truer record of our trip for it.

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Ok, ok… I had to include one!!!
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