Challenge #37: Something Watery, Something Springy?

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Today we had a family excursion to Beese’s Riverside Bar & Garden via boat for a lovely Sunday Lunch. But as it happens, the last thing I wanted to do was get my camera out.

Yes folks, today was definitely one of those inspirationless days. If we hadn’t already been planning to go out, I think I’d have probably stayed in bed under the covers (and I think that comes across in my FB live video).

I’ve talked before about how I cope with days when I just don’t want to get my camera out (basically, as a professional, this isn’t really an option).

Today I was determined to get out and about, and felt it was important to capture the day (it was an early birthday celebration for Long Suffering Husband). And a great way to force myself to get the camera out of the bag is to publicly set myself a challenge!

Challenge #37 was all about capturing the day – a splash of water and a dash of Spring. 

Realistically, I wanted to use my wonderful 50mm f1.4 lens today, but I knew that the tight conditions of the boat, and the potential for capturing some landscapesque photos meant that I would need my handy and flexible wide angle lens.

Techie Details:
Camera: Canon 5D Mk III
Lens: 24-70mm f2.8


I didn’t take as many photos as I usually do (cf note above about lacking inspiration), but I’m glad I persevered and took some photos. I’m very happy with how they turned out, but I do notice that my photos tend to be darker (in colour and subject) when I’m in a down-cycle.

As well as the pictures in this post, I’ve captured some lovely, fun family photos. The other side-effect was that forcing myself to get my camera out and trying to get the creative juices flowing brought me out of myself a little bit and shifted my focus from internal to external. I’m sure I was better company for LSH, Little Whirlwind and LW’s Big Brother Ben because of it.

I kept the challenge quite broad (this helps when I’m just not feeling it) – along the lines of water and Spring. However, the weather really was against us and the results are definitely more Water than Spring.

I may very well try again for the Spring Vibe in my next challenge!


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