Challenge #34: A Multi-Week Eco-Type of Challenge

Wouldn’t it be amazing if the body soap and bar shampoo in the foreground could replace ALL the plastic-wrapped stuff in the background?!

This challenge is linked to THIS VERY IMPORTANT AND SUPER-INSPIRING ARTICLE!  So check it out 🙂 

It was a multi-week challenge, as it involved writing and editing the article as well as taking the photos. There are two FB Live videos, here and here (the second one’s a bit better!)

Challenge #34 is all about capturing images to illustrate an article on changes to reduce waste

And to make the whole thing seem a little bit less daunting!

Techie Details:
Camera: Canon 5D Mk III
Lens:  50mm f1.4
Other: Reflector


This isn’t the kind of photography I spend most of my time doing, and I find it does take quite a long time to structure the photos so I get the image I want. (I find it much easier to capture life in-the-moment!).

All the photos are taken round the house, and although I used my reflector for a few of them, I did just use natural light coming in through the windows.

I’m pleased with the results though, and I sincerely hope that the resulting article will help you to come up with a few achievable changes to try out. 

To read the article and get inspired, click here!!

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