Challenge #33: Oh No Not Another iPhone Challenge!

**All photos taken with my iPhone 6**

In February, I filled the “5 Minutes With” slot at Freelance Mum, talking about my Top Tips for Better Photography. This week seemed like a good opportunity to put some of those tips into action.

To check out my (slightly all-over-the-place and somewhat interrupted) FB Live video on the subject, Click Here!

My main point in my little talk was that in many situations you can take good photos (i.e. good enough for social media!) with your smart phone.

The real trick, as with most things, is knowing when to call in a professional!

I’m currently spending a week with my Mum to celebrate Mother’s Day, and although I do have my “proper” camera on me, post-processing the photos is a bit tricky (impossible) here, because I haven’t brought my laptop and don’t have access to the software I need.  (Or inclination to spend the time I should be spending with Mum editing photos instead, tbh).

So to keep things simple, for this challenge I decided to put my Top Tips into action and show what can be done with a (now fairly old) iPhone 6.

Challenge #33 was all about trying to capture social-media-ready photos on my smart phone whilst enjoying a short break in not-so-Sunny Jersey. 

I decided not to use any additional gubbins, such as my extra iPhone lenses or ProCam software.  To show you what can be done, these photos have just been taken with my iPhone as it is, and edited with the software provided (within iPhoto). No bells or whistles.

Techie Details:
Camera: iPhone 6

And for reference, here are my Top Tips!

How did it go?

Cleaning my phone lens (tip 1) is always a bit of an issue, because it gets generally grubby by being shoved in my pocket or bag, and when I’m out and about without my real camera, I rarely have a (clean) lens cloth to hand. For quick snaps with my family, a bit of griminess isn’t too much of a problem, but for Insta-ready shots it’s a priority!

I tried to do a few tricks with these photos to show what can be done – such as putting depth of field into action.

And of course, as always I took several photos of each particular subject, then chose my favourite afterwards (it’s not always the obvious choice when you’re taking the photos, and a lot can change in a short space of time – especially if your subject is small and fast-moving, so it’s quite a handy tip to put into action!).

Of course, I do have to caveat this post with: Know When To Call In A Pro
– For advertising and promotional material (including headshots)
– In challenging situations such as low light or with a fast-moving subject
– When there’s LOADS going on (especially if you’re organising the event)
– When you only have ONE CHANCE to get the photos
– If you’re after a particular look-and-feel

Me, doing a little presentation at Freelance Mum in February (the slide behind is from the main speaker – Tor Crockatt from Yeo Valley). Photo Credit: Faye Dicker, Freelance Mum

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