Challenge #32: Whatever The Weather

Keen to get back to my weekly challenges after a bit of an enforced (but necessary) break, I then had to shelve the idea I was going to use, because SNOW!

And figuring the snow was enough of a challenge anyway, I decided to use it as this week’s challenge.

To watch my video introducing this weekend’s surprisingly wintery challenge, click here!

Yes, I would definitely have captured this weekend’s epic (and highly unusual) snowfall anyway.  Would I have used my pro camera quite so much?  Probably not.

(It’s quite stressful hiking up a snow-covered hill with a sledge, a four year old and your main source of income in the form of a Canon 5D Mk iii…not least when you sink waist deep into a snow drift, lose your balance, and only just save the camera.  No.  Really.)

Challenge #32 was all about braving the snowy and wintery conditions to capture the village, and family time, during this rare meteorological event!

Although it’s not my favourite lens, I chose my 24-70mm to give me the most flexibility.

Techie Details:
Camera: Canon 5D Mk iii
Lens: Sigma 24mm-70mm, f2.8

The main challenge was to get the exposure right. Freshly fallen snow reflects a lot of light, and there’s a definite knack to not ending up with washed-out over-exposed photos.


I’ll let you into a little secret here: I’m not a huge fan of snow. I used to love it, but having lived abroad for two years, where I had to battle buckets of snow on daily basis throughout the winter has kind of put me off a bit!!

This was taken on a different day to the photos above. A much darker, greyer day… with rain on the way!

I did enjoy this challenge though, and it was lovely to see Little Whirlwind enjoying the snow (that is, until he got too cold and his gloves became completely saturated in melted snow!).

It was definitely good practice, and over the three days of taking photos with snow all around, I became accustomed to trusting the exposure reading on my camera (something I’m usually rather wary of).

Overall, I’m very pleased with the results, although now it’s all melting away, I do wish I could have ventured a little further afield.

Dealing with the contrast of bright white snow and the dark shed, was really tricky!

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