Photobooks and The Lost Photos

One of the great things about the world in which we live is that there is so much opportunity to take photos of every event, milestone, and special moment  (or the double caramel latte and slice of cake at your favourite cafe).

But what happens to those hundreds, thousands (or in my case tens-of-thousands) of photos?

They sit, forgotten, on a hard drive, cloud drive or on your phone or tablet.

Not enjoyed or looked at.  Just lost.

I’m a huge fan of producing something tangible with my photos.  Long Suffering Husband gets a bespoke calendar each Christmas to use at work, the grandparents get photobooks of their time with Little Whirlwind, and LW himself receives a bumper 100 page photobook just after his birthday, documenting the adventures of his previous 12 months.  I also make up little toddler-palm-sized mini photobooks from time to time for him too.

I offer photobooks as part of some of my photography packages, such as weddings and some family shoots. Its a part of the job I really love, and handing over the finished book is really rewarding.

But did you know I can also produce a bespoke photobook for you with your own photos?

An example of a double page spread from a photobook I created using my client’s photos

Perhaps it’s for a special occasion – I recently made a book of memories for a 90th birthday at the request of a group of her friends. I understand it went down really well, and she loved having all the photos in one place!

Maybe you’ve been on a family holiday, and want to have a book of photos to relive the fun! 

Or perhaps you’d just like a book of memories from the previous year, to keep everything nicely together in a way you can take down from the shelf and flick through whenever you like.

To find out how I can help you, get in touch!

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