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This page is designed to be help you with general Wedding stuff so it’s not just about photography.  I want to make it as useful as possible for you, so if you have a question that isn’t listed here, please give me a shout!  (That’s also true if you need any further info on what I’ve listed here).

We’ve decided to get married…. but where do we start??

A good place to begin with is checking the local Registry Office website, which describes the processes you need to go through  (like Giving Notice and booking a Registrar), and the the cost of the necessary legal bits & pieces. There’s also a list of registered venues, so if you want your ceremony and reception to take place at the same venue, you need to pick one of the places on this list.

You can also get married at the Registry Office itself, and the details on the various rooms and packages can also be found on the Registry Office website. The Bristol Registry Office has some beautiful rooms to choose from.

You need to approach the Registry Office which covers the area(s) where you both live – because you’ll need to give notice there.


Bristol Registry Office

North Somerset Registry Office

Bath and North East Somerset Registry Office

South Gloucestershire Registry Office


The most important thing when considering your venue is whether you want your ceremony and celebration at the same location.  If so, your chosen venue needs to be on the Approved Marriage Venues List (I’ve popped some links below, but you can always check out your local Registry Office website or the venue to find out).

There are some wonderful venues on the approved list, and it’s a great place to start for general inspiration, whether you’re planning an intimate wedding in a castle, a friendly bash at a Hungry Horse pub, getting married under the stars in a Planetarium or getting theatrical at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Of course, you can always opt for a Registry Office ceremony, followed by a party wherever you like!

You might want to check out my list of unusual and quirky venues!


Bristol Approved Venues

North Somerset Approved Venues

Bath and North East Somerset Approved Venues

South Gloucestershire Approved Venues

The Dress

As with all of this, it’s entirely up to you!  You might decide on the biggest princess-type white dress you can find, or perhaps jeans and a t-shirt is more your thing.

Whatever you go for though, make sure you’re comfortable in it, because in all honesty, you’re going to want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself with your partner on your special day!

And don’t worry about what it will look like in the photographs!  A good photographer will capture you looking fabulous, in particular the little details that make you, you.

Weddings don’t need to cost the earth…or your sanity!

Many people feel that wedding venues and suppliers try to up-sell and over-complicate everything. Planning a wedding or civil ceremony can be extremely stressful (family pressures, financial considerations, food choices and whether to have chair covers or not).

Several of my clients have come to me in despair and told me that they’re no longer having the wedding they dreamed of, and they feel pushed into having lots of added extras that they didn’t really want.

My best advice here is to stand your ground.  Take a moment to remember what it is you want, and what’s important to you as a couple.  Most of my clients have been in an established relationship for several years, and have children together.  The emphasis for them tends to be more towards the family aspect of the occasion, rather than all the bows and frills.

(For the record – I don’t do any up-selling!  I offer two simple all-inclusive packages, and am up-front with my prices.)

Oh, and by the way, if you’re uncertain about chair covers: they make an empty room look fabulous, but once you fill it with your guests no-one’s going to notice, so don’t feel you have to have them 😊

If you’d like a friendly chat with me about your wedding photography, and the packages I off, get in touch to book your discovery call

I’m Adele, and I specialise in taking authentic photos that tell your story. I love working with fabulous, quirky folk to capture memories from their special day with beautiful, original photos. 

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