Challenge #30: Lights! Camera! Action!

This week I’m going to be on the wrong side of the camera…

To get some idea of how apprehensive I am about this challenge, check out my Facebook Live intro here!

Did you know that part of doing these challenges was to get me more used to being on camera?

Yes, that’s right. I usually avoid being lens-side as much as possible!

But today I decided to take “being in front of the camera” to another level.

I’ve already created a few videos introducing myself as a photographer, and the most important one I have introduces the wedding photography side of my business.

To be honest, though, that video needs redoing.

Challenge #30 is all about creating a shiny new video-and-slideshow introduction to SuperFunkyPenguin wedding photography

That’s right: a VIDEO challenge!

Techie Details:

Camera: Canon 5D Mk III
Lens: Sigma 24-70mm f2.8
Other Kit: Rhode microphone, tripod, reflector, LED light and softbox, wits, charm and pizzazz. 

The main problems are: rubbish lighting in this house; virtually no blank wallspace (or “cosy corners”) for me to use; my lack of flare in front of the camera!

How did it go

It took a while to get the lighting and all the kit set-up. I get a bit frustrated with this kind of thing, because I like to just grab-my-camera-and-go, so working out lighting rigs and tweaking specific angles isn’t my cup of tea.

It took several takes. More than several.

To make matters worse, in my final attempt (which I was relatively pleased with), I was holding the reflector in view. Happily, after a bit of post-processing and cropping, you can’t tell!

It actually took longer to produce the slideshow in the end. It’s a bit longer than I’d hoped, but I cut the number of photos I’d originally chosen down by two thirds, and I love all the remaining ones so much I just couldn’t cull any more.

So here it is, the finished item. Be kind, please, to this fish out of water!

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