Challenge #27: Festive Frolicking

This challenge is also known as The Christmas Card challenge. 

To see my facebook introduction to what was SUPPOSED to be happening today, click here.

Every year I struggle to find a suitably festive image to use on the Christmas cards I get printed up. I like something a bit arty, pleasing to look at, and non-denominational.

But the photos I usually take around this time of year are lots of family photos, with all Little Whirlwind’s craziness… which I’m fairly certain wouldn’t make a particularly good Christmas card!!

Challenge #27 is all about capturing that totally amazing festive image in preparation for my 2018 Christmas cards

And this is going to be a multi-week challenge, because basically out plans just fell apart this weekend!

We’d planned to go to the Victorian Christmas at Blaise Castle yesterday, but having had no less than 5 social engagements on Friday, we were all completely burnt out by Saturday and spent the whole day resolutely Not Going Out.


This was partly because today we were supposed  to be driving down to Devon to see Little Whirlwind’s Nana, who unfortunately we won’t be able to see over Christmas.  Part of the plan was to go and see the festive room decorations at Saltram House, which was where I was going to try to capture my warm, engaging, festive photo.

Only this morning we woke up to strong winds (a few trees had been brought down near our village), flooding in parts of the village and heavy snow forecast.

As it was, the snow did arrive but didn’t stick, and we’d have probably been fine taking the trip. The only hitch being we couldn’t risk going and not making it back tonight (our cat had an op on Monday, and is all stitched up and sore – we can’t really leave her overnight at the moment).

Instead we headed to Tyntesfield to have some family fun in the snow…although we arrived too late to look around the house. And then the final hitch struck….

Techie Details:
   Camera: Canon 60D
   Lens: Sigma 17-50mm f2.8

Yes, that’s right. NOT THE RIGHT CAMERA. Actually, I did have my 5D Mk iii with me, but had accidentally grabbed the Ultra Wide lens on my haste to get out of the door, and it really wasn’t the look I was going for. Fortunately Long Suffering Husband had my cast-off camera, so I used that instead.


Well, considering I had the wrong camera and all the plans had fallen apart, I’m pleased with some of the photos I took (at least on a personal, family level).


I don’t think any of them will make the final cut, though.  This is mostly because I am now a complete Camera Snob. In all seriousness though, I’ve now become so used to the image quality from the 5D, that I can’t fail to be a bit disappointed with the 60D.  (The light levels were quite low, despite lots of reflective snow, and the 60D doesn’t perform particularly well in low light).

We did make the best of the situation though, and as a family had lots of fun.

This does of course mean that Challenge #27 will continue…

Photo credit: Long Suffering Husband

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