Challenge #26: Simplicity

There’s been a lot going on in SuperFunkyPenguin Land over the last couple of months, and now on a personal level the mad-rush-to-Christmas has already begun.

To hear a little intro to this week’s challenge on the theme of Simplicity, click here.  

We had a family trip to Radstock in Midsomer Norton today (mostly because I had some post-wedding goodies to deliver to a lovely couple, and I decided to turn it into a mini adventure).

Challenge #26 was all about keeping things simple in this crazy, crazy world. 

The plan was to have some lunch, then head over to the Radstock Museum.  Unfortunately (and contrary to the info online), the Museum is closed for December and January.

In search of something interesting to do, we ended up at the Somerset & Dorset Railway Heritage Trust.  Cue: a train ride, meeting Father Christmas, and lots of cake and tea!! 

Techie Details:
   Camera: Canon 5D Mk iii
   Lens: Sigma 24-70mm f2.8 (because that’s what was on my camera when I grabbed it as I ran out of the door this morning)


Because our main plan was scuppered and we had to head off into the fading light in search of adventures new, the time I had allocated for this challenge was really reduced.

And because we arrived at the railway with just over an hour before closing time, everything was a bit rushed, and I didn’t have time to strip my photos back to the simplest form I wanted.

That said, because I had my camera in my hand, I caught some great family moments, and we had a really fun day out – so I’m not to distressed by the fact that most of my simple photos aren’t really what I was originally aiming for!!

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