Lasting Memories


The time passes so fast.

Everyday things like a trip to the park will soon become distant memories. People say that children don’t stay little for long, and watching my wobbly toddler climb up then whizz down the big slide all by himself today, I certainly see what they mean.

Having a beautiful selection of photos from memorable events like birthdays to everyday outings is an important part of keeping those memories alive, and can be a wonderful keepsake for the children once they’ve grown up and have kids themselves.

I offer a number of services for photographing you and your family interacting and having fun naturally, with no cheesy posed shots.  There are no lighting rigs or other studio-type equipment to get in the way.  Just the great outdoors (or indoors) and whatever excitement we find on the way… and let’s face it, kids are GREAT at finding entertainment.

So if you’d like to document a trip to the duck pond, a special family gathering or maybe some messy play in the kitchen (who doesn’t love a bit of flour liberally scattered about), then take a look here.

The best part is, I travel to you, and the photographs are taken in your familiar surroundings – making it a much more relaxed and enjoyable session.

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