Something in the air

As we head towards summer and the weather gradually improves, I find I begin to be filled with fresh inspiration.  Getting outside, even if it’s only as far as the garden, helps to blow the cobwebs away and new ideas start to form.

Wobbly toddler is now less wobble and more toddle, and as I don’t use the pushchair unless I absolutely have to, life takes a slower pace.  Moving through the great outdoors at toddler speed, and seeing things as if for the first time (not to mention crouched down to toddler height) gives a whole new perspective on life.

I’m currently contemplating a mini-project on the theme, but have vague concerns that I’ll just end up with 300 photos of cigarette butts, old receipts and the cat’s tail.

In other news, preparation for the Craft Fair on the 10th May is slow but progressing.  Mostly I’ve been enjoying the weather, and brandishing my camera about, snapping up signs of late spring.

What have you been up to to celebrate the definite end to winter?

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