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As you may have noticed, this site has been a little neglected of late.  This has been in part because, with a little toddly-wonder getting underfoot and turning everything upside-down (literally and metaphorically), I haven’t had much time to blog.

The other reason is that I wasn’t sure which direction to take.

This blog started as a way of documenting an adventure, in a previous life with different aims.  It covered everything from cookery, to jewellery, photography, gardening, our market stalls and a good smattering of healthy feminism.  I’ve wanted to streamline it for a while, but was unsure where my focus should be, and I’ve been doing my best to avoid the whole baby-baby-baby blog-type-thing because there are more than enough of those (many of them doing a far more fabulous job than I could).

The difficulty is that over the last 12 months, my life has pretty much been baby-baby-baby with some photography, a bit of cooking, and a whole load of laundry and washing-up.

But now, with a toddler (who is at least doing a reasonable impersonation of ‘getting into a routine’) I’m finding a little time to dedicate to the non-baby stuff.  And some of what I’ve been facing up to is tough.

Although I love the silver jewellery making aspect of SuperFunkyPenguin, I’ve had to make the difficult decision to put my tools to one side – at least for the time being.  Drills, rolling mills, saws, acid, wire, huge amounts of free time… the ‘incompatible-with-toddler’ list goes on.  The workbench is all set up and ready to go once my boy starts school, but in the meantime I’m going to be focussing on my other passion…


(And yes, that pun was intended.  That’s as good as it’s going to get on four hours sleep.)

So, keep an eye on this site – things will be changing, and with a bit of luck, planning, a fair wind, and a diverted toddler, I’ll have a good go at keeping up with this blog.

I can’t promise I won’t sometimes get distracted by the odd recipe or garden-based activity  (planting season is nearly upon us, after all), but there will definitely still be liberal smatterings of healthy feminism.

In the meatime, check out the Etsy shop which has some gorgeous A2 posters and canvas prints for sale, or just browse some of my work on Flickr

If you want to see my work for-real-and-in-person, like tea and cake, and happen to be near Wrington in North Somerset, then pop into The Little Red Beetle Coffee Shop and have a browse.  They have some really lovely locally hand-made treasures there, and also stock my photos.  

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