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Lilliput Concert – July 2018: Music for Harp with Sally Jenkins
Lilliput Concert – June 2018: Double Bass with Caitlin Alais Callahan
Lilliput Concert – May 2018: Belgrave Trio
Romeo and Juliet – Tiny Steps Dance Performance, April 2018
Lilliput Concert – April 2018: Helen Reid on Piano
Lilliput Concert – February 2018: A2 Horn Duo
Lilliput Concert – January 2018: Percussion with Catherine Ring
Lilliput Concert – December 2017: A Bristol Christmas
Lilliput Concert – November 2017: Saxophone and Piano
Hansel and Gretel – Tiny Steps Dance Performance, October 2017
Lilliput Concert – October 2017: A Festival Of Song
Lilliput Concert – September 2017: World Music with Ombiviolum
Lilliput Concerts – July 2017: Music For Organ
Lilliput Concerts – June 2017: Music for Flute Quartet
The Ugly Duckling – Tiny Steps Performance, June 2017
Lilliput Concerts – May 2017
Tiny Steps – May 2017, Magic To Do
Lilliput Concerts – April 2017
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol – March 2017, Piano with Helen Reid
St Matthew Passion Rehearsal, St George’s, Bristol – 12th March 2017
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol – February 2017, The Carousel Clarinet Duo
Beethoven’s Four Seasons by Wild Words – February 2017
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol – January 2017, Tango Calor
The Nutcracker – January 2017
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol - December 2016: Christmas Concert
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol – December 2016, Festive Brass Christmas Concert (new gallery format)
An Evening of Flamenco, 25th November 2016
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol - November 2016, Piano Duos
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol – November 2016, Piano Duos (new gallery format)
Tiny Steps Presents: Peter Pan Goes Urban, November 2016 (new web gallery format)
Tiny Steps Dance Performance – November 2016: Peter Pan Goes Urban (new gallery format)
MiniBeats Performance, St George’s – October 2016: Petrifying Pianos
DanceMUMS promo photoshoot – October 2016
Lilliput Concerts, Bristol – October 2016: The Art Of Song (New gallery format)
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – September 2016: Fabulous Folk Music from Thornbridge
Tiny Steps Dance Performance - July 2016 - Hansel and Gretel
Tiny Steps Dance Performance – July 2016: Hansel and Gretel
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – July 2016: Music for oboe
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – June 2016: Music for a Summer Morning
Tiny Steps Dance Performance – June 2016: Samba and Conga
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – May 2016: Music for Cello
Tiny Steps Dance Performance – April 2016: The Enormous Turnip
IMG_9156 - Version 3
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – April 2016: Topaz Duo for Harp and Flute
IMG_8194 - Version 2
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – March 2016: Glam Baroque with Partita
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – February 2016: Brass Music with a Dynamic Duo of Lauras
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – January 2016: Happy New Year with the Lochrian String Quartet
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – December 2015: Christmas with the Exultate Singers
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – November 2015: Music For Wind Quintet
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – October 2015: Songs From Around The World
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – September 2015: Music For Piano
Lilliput Concert, Bristol – July 2015: The Severn Jazzmen
Top Of The Tots 10 Year Celebration – July 2015
Lilliput Concert Bristol – June 2015: The Ystävää Piano Trio
Lilliput Concert Bristol – May 2015: The Blue